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Margherita, l’Arte del Governo e la Buona Amministrazione della Giustizia nello Stato Farnesiano d’Abruzzo nel XVI secolo

500 years after the birth of the daughter of the Habsburg Emperor Charles V, it is even clearer how significant and innovative the figure of Margaret of Austria was in the socio-economic landscape of the period. Dynastic monarchies like the Habsburgs had become the most powerful political entities of the sixteenth century, using marital alliances, inheritances, and conquests to expand their territories, in such a way as to surpass any potential natural boundary for the accumulation of states, countries, and lands in their properties and, consequently, under their jurisdiction. The book, in light of the Foucauldian paradigm of governmental rationality, presents a quick fresco of the principles of “Good Governance” and “Good Administration of Justice” as sanctioned and applied by Margaret of Austria in the State Accounting of the Farnese of Abruzzo in the 16th century.


Massimo Sargiacomo

Publisher: RIREA
Year: 2022
ISBN: 978 – 88 – 6659 – 148 – 1
DOI: DOI 10.17408/FC/591481

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